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Venezuela is well-known for producing  beautiful women and Gabriela,  was not the exception. The famous actress who played the roles of the unforgetable " Paola and Paulina " (La Usurpadora) was born in December the 10th. in the state of Guárico, where most of her family still lives, she uses to say that she has good memories of the time she lived there, specially the jokes she made with her twin sister Daniela. Gabriela was broght up in a typical family with two more brothers in addition to Daniela (Patricia and Antonio) and since she was a little girl she used to dream about being an actress, but the way for the success was not very easy for her.

She studied in the university and started a course in the theater. When she realized that she gained more pleasure acting, she began to participate in many "Castings" but she only got a lot of "minor" papers and she could not show her talent, so she resolved to try by other ways. The beauty contest "Miss Venezuela" was the bridge that she needed to get what she wanted, but there was a problem: Gabriela was not in form and she needed to lose 25 kilos to be accepted in the contest. Resolved to be an actress she began a very strict diet and she was eventually accepted.What is the end of the story???? Gaby did not prevail in the beauty contest, she was not elected to be Miss Venezuela, but she got the title of "Miss Body". Her life had change an many doors began to open for her.

Later in the Soap Opera "Como tú ninguna" arose her great love for Miguel de Leon and some moths later they were married. It was not very easy because they were both engaged with other persons, but love always finds a way, the are now a very happy marriage and the are crazy to have children as soon as possible.

Gabriela's carreer got to the top when she played double roles in "La Usurpadora", her first work in Mexico, the land of soap operas. With Gaby Spanic on the screen Televisa got an incredible success, "La Usurpadora" was not only famous in Latin America, but also in Europa. People with different languages, different cultures , different religions were the all crazy about the two characters that Gaby acted so wonderfully, the charming "Paulina Martinez" and the wicked "Paola Bracho".

But there is still life behond "La Usurpadora", Gabriela made two more soap operas for Televisa, "Por tu amor" and more recently, "La Intrusa". The last one is a new great challange for Gaby, she has, once more, double papers in a soap opera and she is determined to overpass her last great success.

More ahead love carried out in Mexico other two soap operas " By You " and " the Intrusa " in which it returns to apresentar two papers, without a doubt a great challenge soon of espetacular event of the Usurper.


His full name is Miguel Angel de León Lopéz. He was born on February 23th. in Caracas, capital of Venezuela,  and was the only boy in his family. Before beginning his artistical life, he attended the  University School of Caracas to study Management. It was in that time when he dicided to take courses of dramatical art in the theather. 

His first works on the TV were like model, later the soap opera "Sueño contigo" (1987) was the beginnig of his real carrear as an actor, giving rise to list of success that still goes on.                      Some of the soap operas in which he participated were " La millonaria Fabiola", "La Revancha", "Kassandra", "Amor de papel", "Caribe", "Maria Celeste", "Como tú ninguna".                                  But, Miguel de León did not limit his acting to soap operas, he made several siries and daily programmes on the TV. He also showed his talent on the theater in plays like "Topico", "El cristo de las violetas ", "Un Dios que hacia remolinos de viento" and "Batman" among others. His work could also be seen in the cinema showing great quality of interpretation in "Señora Bolero".                        His talent was recognized in his country with the following prizes: "Venus the prensa al actor revelación (1994), prize "Cacique de oro" (1995), prize "Musa de oro" (1996), "Chaima of gold to the best actor of year" (1997), "Tiuna of Venezuela" (1997).

     Athough he was a succesful actor in his native land, Miguel did not hesitate to leave everything, when the famous tv network "Televisa" offered  his wife to play a  protagonical  role in Mexico. He left his country, his family and all his fame to go with her. The city of Mexico was a full place of uncertainties where almost nobody knew his work. He began with a participation in "La Usurpadora" (Gabriela Spanic-Fernando Colunga), later he acted in "Gotita de Amor" and "Nunca te olvidaré" , but even though he needed patience and much indivudal strength to get into the competive industry of television. Now once more he got the oportunity of showing all his talent as the main male star in "Carita de Ángel", the charming soap opera for children (and grown ups) doing success in most Latin countries.



ntil the moment arrived to him again for showing all to its talent and charisma as protagonist of " Carita de Ángel ", infantile soap opera that this doing event in all latinoamerica.


We specially dedicated this site to Libertad Lamarque, who was the godmother of our fans club. To all fans of Gaby and Miguel in all around the world. To the most romantic couple, our dear Miguel and Gaby. To Nol Cirene Molina for all his help and support.

PERSONALLY: To Alejandra Cabrera and all the boys and girls of first fans Club in Argentina. To Thayná Gorgulho and Aretha Mansur,  unconditional fans. To my dear friends, Silvio and   Ana Clara by thir support and affection. And to all the people that visit our page, Thank you very much.


During the weekends, Miguel and Gaby are have fun cooking for the friends.

Some of Gaby's favourite foods are: Spaguetti,  meatballs, and kind of roasted meat cover with car burned sugar, that she herself invented.

Her favourite drink is Red wine

At the weekends they use to get up after 11.00 A.M.

During the week Gaby follows a diet of meats and salads to keep in form.

She is naturalist, she treats the skin of  her face and body with masks of magnesia milk, honey and milk of soybean.

When Gaby and Miguel are on holidays usually dedicate much time practicing gymnastics.Miguel walks, runs and lift weights.

One of Gaby's favourtite perfumes is "Tribú" of  Benetton.

Gabriela's dream is be a grandma, have a big family around a big table eating the plates she cooks for them.


 The first official Fans Club "Beyond the Usurper" (Mas allá de la Usurpadora) was formed by Alejandra Cabrera and Claudia Fernández in Buenos Aires, Capital of the Argentine in 1998 when after the great success of "La Usurpadora", the actress was invited to visit that country.     Argentina was the first country, besides Mexico, where the actress could notice the great success of the soap opera that cautivated not only the the Latin public but also the European.   In that occasion Gabriela recived her fans with much affection and gratefulness showing that a she is not just a great actress, but also an excellent person and that the fame had not taken away her simplisity and humbleness.

One year later   Miguel de León fans club was also created in Buenos Aires. Nowadays both clubs are one. We are proud to say that most of the people who are involved are not only members, but also friends who meet to interchange material, to share news about them, to make charity works in name of Gaby and Miguel, to share a good chat or simply  to have fun.  We want to make it clear that the club does not have any kind of profit aims, you don't need any money to get in because it was created with the aim to gather people who admire and feel affection by Gabriela and Miguel. At the moment a branch of the club is working in Brazil  under the supervision of Claudia Fernandez (Argentina) and Danielle Gorgulho (Brazil).

We leave an invitation for you to joins us, no matter where you live if you like Gaby and Miguel, you can also became our friend.