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  foto fans club.jpg (19497 bytes)The first official Fans Club "Beyond the Usurper" (Mas allá de la Usurpadora) was formed by Alejandra Cabrera and Claudia Fernández in Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentine in 1998 when, after the great success of "La Usurpadora", the actress was invited to visit that country.     Argentina was the first country, besides Mexico, where the actress could notice the great success of the soap opera that cautivated not only the the Latin public but also the European one.   In that occasion Gabriela recived her fans with much affection and gratefulness showing, that she is not just a great actress, but also an excellent person and that the fame had not taken away her simplisity and humbleness.

One year later  Miguel de León fans club was also created in Buenos Aires. Nowadays both clubs are one. We are proud to say that most of the people who are involved are not only members, but also friends who meet to interchange material, to share news about them, to make charity works in name of Gaby and Miguel, to share a good chat or simply to have fun. We want to make it clear that the club does not have any kind of profit aims, you don't need any money to get in because it was created with the aim of gathering people who admire and feel affection for Gabriela and Miguel. At the moment a branch of the club is working in Brazil  under the supervision of Claudia Fernandez (Argentina) and Danielle Gorgulho (Brazil).

We leave an invitation for you to joins us, no matter where you live, if you like Gaby and Miguel, you can also became our friend.

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