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Miguel de León


miguel1.jpg (21577 bytes)His full name is Miguel Angel de León Lopéz. He was born on February 23th. in Caracas, capital of Venezuela,  and was the only boy in his family. Before beginning his artistical life, he attended the  University School of Caracas to study Management. It was in that time when he dicided to take courses of dramatical art in the theather. 

His first works on the TV were as a model. The soap opera "Sueño contigo" (1987) was the beginnig of his real carrear as an actor, giving rise to list of success that still goes on. Some of the soap operas in which he participated were " La millonaria Fabiola", "La Revancha", "Kassandra", "Amor de papel", "Caribe", "Maria Celeste", "Como tú ninguna". But, Miguel de León did not limit his artistical life to soap operas, he made several siries and daily programmes on the TV. He also showed his talent on the theater in plays like "Topico", "El cristo de las violetas ", "Un Dios que hacia remolinos de viento" and "Batman" among others. His work could also be seen in the cinema showing great quality of interpretation in "Señora Bolero".                        His talent was recognized in his country with the following prizes: "Venus the prensa al actor revelación (1994), prize "Cacique de oro" (1995), prize "Musa de oro" (1996), "Chaima of gold to the best actor of year" (1997), "Tiuna of Venezuela" (1997).

     Athough he was a succesful actor in his native land, Miguel did not hesitate to leave everything, when the famous tv network "Televisa" offered  his wife Gabriela Spanic, to play a  protagonical  role in Mexico. He left his country, his family and all his fame to go with her. The city of Mexico was a full place of uncertainties where almost nobody knew his work. He began with a participation in "La Usurpadora" (Gabriela Spanic-Fernando Colunga), later he acted in "Gotita de Amor" and "Nunca te olvidaré" , but even though he needed patience and much indivudal strength to get into the competive television industry  in Mexico. Now once more he got the oportunity of showing all his talent as the main male star in "Carita de Ángel", the charming soap opera for children (and grown ups) doing success in most Latin countries.


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