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Venezuela is well-known for producing  beautiful women and Gabriela,  was not the exception. The famous actress who played the roles of the unforgetable "Paola and Paulina" (La Usurpadora) was born in December the 10th. in the state of Guárico, where most of her family still lives. She always says that she has very good memories of the time she lived there, specially the jokes she made with her twin sister Daniela. Gabriela was broght up in a typical family with two more brothers in addition to Daniela (Patricia and Antonio).

Since she was a little girl she used to dream about being an actress, but the way for the success was not very easy for her. She studied in the university and started a courses in the theater. When she realized that acting was that made her really happy, she began to participate in many "Castings" but she only got a lot of "minor" papers and she could not show her talent, so she resolved to try by other ways. The beauty contest "Miss Venezuela" was the bridge she needed to get what she wanted, but there was a problem: Gabriela was not in form and she needed to lose 25 kilos to be accepted in the contest. Determined to become an actress she began a very strict diet and she was eventually accepted.

What is the end of the story???? Gaby did not prevail in the beauty contest, she was not elected to be Miss Venezuela, but she got the title of "Miss Body". Now, her life had changed an many doors began to open for her.

She was already a known actrees and was playing the role of "Gilda"  in the Soap Opera "Como tú ninguna" when the love knocked her door, she was in love with the actor that was staring with her at that moment, the handsome Miguel de Leon, some moths later they were married. It was not very easy because they were both engaged with other persons, but love always finds a way. They are now a very happy marriage and they are crazy to have children as soon as possible.

Gabriela's carreer got to the top when she played double roles in "La Usurpadora", her first work in Mexico, the land of soap operas. With Gaby Spanic on the screen Televisa got an incredible success, "La Usurpadora" was not only famous in Latin America, but also in Europa. People with different languages, cultures and religions were all crazy about the two characters that Gaby acted so wonderfully, the charming "Paulina Martinez" and the wicked "Paola Bracho".

But there is still life behond "La Usurpadora", Gabriela made two more soap operas in Televisa, "Por tu amor" and more recently, "La Intrusa". The last one is a new big challange for her, she has once more, double papers in a soap opera and she is determined to overpass her last great success.

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